Hyndford Street

Down those ancient streets….

Celtic Soul are a home grown tribute to one of the greatest musical talents ever to come from the shores of Ireland. Sir Van Morrison has crafted some of the most intricate, articulate and memorable pieces of music from our time, his own influences have themselves had an tangible impact on countless numbers of musicians who have followed in his wake, timeless classics which touch the soul.

Celtic Soul pay tribute to both The Man, and his music, by recreating the sounds that shaped a generation; this is like no other tribute band, more a band tribute to someone who combines poetry, mystical elements, deep personal feeling and an open soul into his works.

Celtic Soul use their own experienced musical backgrounds and instrumentation to interact with each other live on stage, creating a reflection of some of the best songs ever written by a true master of his craft.

In his own words, just knowing the chords is level zero, it’s what you do with those chords, words and structure that takes the work above level zero, that can only come from truly appreciating his music, playing it with passion, and delivering it with skill.

Cyprus Ave

Let Celtic Soul take you on a journey, down those ancient streets, down those ancient roads, with a set which spans a generation, from the 1960’s to modern times, a journey charting a musical experience which has seen audiences old enough to remember enthralled by our sounds, and young enough to be captivated by a new sound which has inspired them to find out more about a man they only knew by name.

Down those ancient roads….